“I’m absolutely loving the 4 carry modes and can’t wait to watch this carrier’s uses grow alongside my little peanut!”

- ebarb

“Beautiful color, quality materials, and did I mention magnetic snaps?! So easy to get babe in and out!”

- ebarb

“I love that we only needed this to have a whole portable nursery at someone else’s house, and that it will last for years.”

- KatyMonty

“I am in love with this Pack ‘n Play. It can be easily sanitized without damage because it features easy-to-clean fabric.”

- Themommy

“It’s definitely a must-have, especially if you have a fussy baby like me!”

- oliviamesquita

“My baby loves the various motions, and it gives mom and dad a break from bouncing and swaying her.”


“I love that my baby has been using it since infancy and can keep using the toddler table and chair.”

- Crystalline

 “I chose this chair because it has 7 different adjustments and I can use it throughout her toddler years.” 

– Rridge2786

“No more lengthy and frustrating adjustments. The base was very easy to install in my vehicle and the seat was relatively light.”

- Israfel52

“This car seat has been amazing! I love how the shade is so quiet when you put it up, it never woke our baby.”

- MamaOfBoys1995

“It is very easy to install. The level and guides on the seat make it very easy to set up correctly.”

– jcgbolanos

“I am able to use just one seat from birth all the way until my daughter is able to be in a booster seat!”

 - Charmunoz87