Top Playard Features

Portable newborn seat or bassinet keeps baby close

Diaper changer with wipe-clean fabric & storage

Full-size infant bassinet for sleep

Spacious toddler playard for your growing child

Top Highchair Features

Growing stages from infant to big kid

Easy-to-clean materials

Multiple height and recline positions for baby’s comfort

Fold for easy storage

4 Baby-Wearing Positions

Facing-In Newborn Seat 8-15 lb | Birth-4 m

Facing-in Baby Seat 15-30 lb | 4+ m

Facing-Out Baby Seat 20-30 lb | 6+ m

Back-Carry Baby Seat 25-35 lb | 9+ m

Top Swings Features

Adjustable baby swing speeds for just the right pace

Movement in multiple directions

Seat doubles as portable bouncer or rocker

Soothing songs and sounds


Bassinets for babies create the perfect spot for them to rest within your reach. 


Graco® baby nursery furniture and baby room products are all crafted for baby's comfort and your peace of mind.

What Are Baby Essentials?

If you're shopping for awesome baby gifts for first-time parents or creating your own registry, you'll want to start with a clear list of baby essentials. Deciding on your baby must-haves can be overwhelming. When deciding what baby essentials you need for your home, we have a few tips. 

Consider Your Living Space: Your baby essentials checklist will vary depending on your home. If you live in a small apartment, you may make very different choices than if you live in a multi-level home. That said, every list of essentials for a newborn should include a Pack 'n Play and a baby swing. There are so many ways to use a Pack 'n Play, from naptime to playtime to travel, and even outside with options like our Pack 'n Play® Lite Traveler™ LX. A baby swing is also a crucial piece of baby gear as it's a safe space for parents to set baby down and keep them happy and entertained, especially in those first few months.

Plan for Baby's Sleep Space: Every baby, just like their parents, needs a good night's sleep. But there's a lot more to bedtime than adorable tiny pajamas. In addition to a crib, your newborn essentials checklist should include a baby bassinet or Pack 'n Play for newborn sleep. Some parents choose to use a Pack 'n Play as their bedside bassinet as all of our Pack 'n Plays feature newborn bassinets. Others like a more compact bedside bassinet like our DreamMore™ Bedside Bassinet Deluxe with Calming Motion to keep baby closer to the bed and take up less space in the bedroom.  

Have Options for Outings: We know you're planning to add a stroller to your registry, but make sure that your baby essentials checklist includes a baby carrier, too. You're going to want different ways to get around with your little one. More options means more flexibility and more fun for your family. 

Register Beyond the First 6 Months: Many people forget to include a high chair in their list of baby essentials since their child won't use it until they are about six months old. There's no reason to wait to get your high chair, though! Register for the one you like now so you'll be prepared when baby is ready.