Stroller Recall - 2014 Announcement

Potential Problem:

Over the past 60 years, safety has been and will continue to be the priority at Graco. As part of our continuous effort to provide quality and safe products, Graco identified that select stroller models, including some of our LiteRider models that were sold before the updated hinge was available, have folding hinges that could in rare circumstances have the potential to pinch a child’s finger, posing a laceration or amputation hazard. Graco has received 11 reports of finger injuries including six reports of finger amputation, four reports of partial-fingertip laceration and one finger laceration. As such and in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), we are conducting a voluntary recall on select stroller models manufactured over the past 14 years.

Injuries Reported: 11

Number of Units Affected: About 4.7 million in United States, about 202,000 in Canada, and about 10,300 in Mexico

Dates Produced: Sold between August 1, 2000 and November 19, 2014

MSRP: About $40-70 for the stroller and about $140-$170 for the travel system

Models Affected: 34855, 34939, 34950, 35206, 35233, 35635, 1755545, 1757978, 1759206, 1759753, 1760521, 1761301, 1763582, 1783222, 1790492, 1794240, 1801006, 1804095, 1804730, 1809351, 1809556, 1817150, 1834721, 1834725, 1843722, 1850503, 1852558, 1853477, 1876823, 6710JKP, 6710JUP, 6712NAP, 6712NPB, 6712PWC3, 6712SFT, 6712SNY, 6712SUP, 6712SUP3, 6720THE, 6730BEB, 6730DRM, 6730HMP, 6827RS, 6837COE, 6901DZ, 6901FRN, 6901MP, 6903IND, 6903JJJ, 6903RG, 6904BUG, 6904LAZ, 6904N8, 6904NV, 6904TLQ, 6904TN8, 6904YL, 6907CYP, 6907JUN, 6907ZOU, 6912GMP, 6916BLW, 6916BRN, 6916D5, 6916F3, 6916HBH, 6916MEL, 6916P8, 6916RK, 6916TA6, 6919MV, 6919TMP, 6927AE, 6927GP, 6927HE, 6927HK, 6927LV, 6927TMJ, 6927TXB, 6929B7, 6929HX, 6929KY, 6929WN, 6932AR, 6936HAV, 6936JAM, 6937N6, 6938A5, 6940A4, 6942MP, 6947MAN, 6954AMB, 6955G9, 6956COR, 6956MAC, 6956MIC, 6956MLL, 6958HAV, 6958TDT, 6965ZOL, 6974CYP, 6974HAB, 6983THE, 6984SAR, 6985CNC, 6987FMT, 6987FMT3, 6987SFJ3, 6988KER, 6989N2, 6989Y2, 6999TRI, 6M01TAN3, 6M02SFR3, 6S00MRG3, 6S01JAV3, 6S02SFS3, 7003CHP, 7300MAK, 7303BRL, 7303BRL2, 7304GEI, 7304GEI2, 7304HNW3, 7304TOP2, 7305ALB2, 7320UVB, 7321UVB, 7340SSR, 7340SSR2, 7350DOH, 7350DOH2, 7360NGS, 7403ANM, 7404M7, 7404NCB, 7404P8, 7404TM7, 7414BKL, 7416HX, 7416THX, 7423RAC, 7425CLE, 7425CLE2, 7425OAK, 7426CUB, 7427AD, 7428RAC, 7429HX, 7429VL, 7429WZ, 7431PUR, 7432PUR, 7433BER, 7435WNN, 7436GIN, 7436JET, 7437N5, 7438GIN, 7438JET, 7441FLT, 7441SAV, 7441SAV2, 7441SPT, 7445UNN, 7446STA, 7447M7, 7447PAS, 7448WLS2, 7453UVB, 7454WNN, 7456GKG, 7456MON, 7456NGS, 7459KYW2, 7463CUB, 7464CEL, 7464KSB, 7487GP, 7487VA, 7M00DCF3, 7S00KWD3, 7S00SBN3, 7S00WAV3


To further alleviate any consumer concerns, Graco will offer free hinge covers to caregivers who have purchased any of the affected strollers. Caregivers can verify if their stroller is included in this recall and order the repair kit by entering the model number here or by calling (800) 345-4109 (Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST). The model number can be found on the white label located at the bottom of the stroller leg just above the rear wheel. While nearly 85 percent of the select strollers were sold more than seven years ago, we are committed to the safety of our products and have included all strollers that used the same hinge design sold during the last 14 years.
While waiting for a repair kit, caregivers should exercise extreme care when unfolding the stroller to be certain that the hinges are firmly locked before placing a child in the stroller. Caregivers are advised to immediately remove the child from a stroller that begins to fold to keep their fingers from the side hinge area. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you and we will make every effort to get you the repair kit as soon as possible. For a complete list of strollers affected, please reference the list above. For additional questions, contact our customer service team.
Is your stroller affected?
This recall includes eleven Graco and Century-branded strollers with model names Aspen, Breeze, Capri, Cirrus, Glider, Kite, LiteRider, Sierra, Solara, Sterling and TravelMate, and sold between August 1, 2000 and November 19, 2014. The affected strollers are equipped with external sliding fold lock hinges.
To verify if your stroller is included in this recall and order a repair kit, click here.