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Transitions Step Stool

  • MSRP $16.99
  • Model #16003
  • Pattern: N/A


  • Sturdy and stable
  • For potty, sink or bed
  • Maximum load: 200 lbs. (90 kgs)
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Product Description

Graco's Transitions Step Stool provides confidence as your little one grows. Handles on the side of the step stool allow your child to carry around the home as independence blossoms during daily routines.


       Depth  Width  Height
     Overall  13.5"  12.5"  8.25"
     Step 1  4" - 5"  11.25"  4.375"
     Step 2  7" - 7.625"  10.625" - 11"  3.875"
    *Areas with a range take into consideration any notches or areas not consisting of a true square or rectangle.

Care and Maintenance

    Wash with warm water using a mild liquid soap. Rinse throughly with clean water.

Recommended Use

    Perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth, potty training and more!


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