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With Graco's proven, 60+ year history, and more than four generations of expertise, you can trust that every Graco product is designed with you and your baby's well being in mind.


Don't let your baby's sleeping environment keep you up at night. Here are some important tips from the CPSC and Graco on how your baby can get to sleep safely (and you can rest easy too).

Where is the safest place for your child to sit in the car? How long should she sit rear-facing? And when is the right time for her to graduate to a seat belt? Find the answers to these car seat safety questions and more in this article.

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Our commitment to safety is based on two important principles:

1. Build products you can rely on. Every product Graco makes must pass stringent safety standards and rigorous testing. We strive to exceed government and industry standards in testing for safety, reliability and longevity as often as possible.

2. Empower families through education. At Graco, we are committed to making sure you can confidently use our products correctly - and safely - every single time. You'll find Graco offers easy-to-use safety features (like one-hand operated brakes and belt lock-offs on select products), clear labels and warnings, and resources like downloadable instruction manuals, step-by-step instructional videos and a company blog right on our Web site.

This is just the first step. Check back for more information on frequently asked safety questions, tips by product category and more. Looking for something you don't see here, or have a specific safety question? Let us know your feedback at