CarGo™ Booster Car Seat

Both you and your child will get lots of mileage out of this versatile booster with room to grow
CarGo™ Booster Car Seat

MSRP $99.99

Model #1749744
Pattern: Reid™

Both you and your child will get lots of mileage out of this versatile booster with room to grow. It starts out as a 5-point harness toddler seat that restrains your child from 20-40 lbs. Later, the harness removes and the seat becomes a belt-positioning booster for use with you car’s lap/shoulder adult seat belt, for a child all the way up to 100 pounds! The seat’s deep sides, high back and built-in pillow keep your child riding comfortably, while a cup/snack holder contain toys and snacks along the way. And you’ll be pleased to know the seat pad removes for easy cleaning.

  • Fits children from 20–100 lbs
  • As your child grows, the harness removes and seat becomes a belt-positioning booster
  • 5-point harness with front adjustment helps keep your child secure
  • Cushioned with GracoPedic™ luxury foam for extra padding and added comfort
  • Removable head pillow for more comfortable car rides
  • Seat’s high back support your child’s back & head for a more comfortable ride
  • EPS energy absorbing foam
  • Seat has two recline positions for proper comfortable rides
  • Plush seat cushion removes for machine washing
  • Belt Positioners help correctly and comfortably position seat belt
  • Cup/snack holder keep toys & snacks handy
  • LATCH equipped for easy installation
    Weight 8.5 lbs
    Depth: 22.5"
    Width: 16.5"
    Height: 26"
    The car seat pad on the Ultra CarGo™; youth booster is removable for delicate machine washing. Drip dry. The metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap and water and wiped dry with a cloth or towel. To clean the buckle, use a damp cloth or sponge. Do not lubricate the buckle. The harness straps may be spot cleaned. Never immerse the harness straps in water. Never use bleach to clean this product.

    To Unbuckle Harness:
    1. Lift the lever and pull the shoulder harness straps to loosen the harness
    2. Tilt the top of the buckle toward the child’s abdomen
    3. Press in at the top of the red button
    4. Pull tongues out of the buckle

    Harness Buckle Cleaning Process:
    Turn the restraint over and push the retainer through the harness strap slot to remove the buckle from the car seat. Place the buckle in a cup of warm water upside down and gently agitate the buckle, pressing the red button several times while it is in the water. Do not submerge the harness webbing and do not use soaps or lubricants, only rinse the harness buckle with warm water. Shake out the excess water and allow the harness buckle to air dry. Reattach the harness buckle into the same slot and re-check harness for correct installation according to the car seat manual before use.

    Download Product Instructions
    The Ultra CarGo™ youth booster car seat is to be used forward-facing only, for children over one year. When using the Ultra CarGo™ youth booster car seat with its harness, the car seat may be used by children 20 to 40 lbs and between 27 and 43 inches tall. When using the Ultra CarGo™ youth booster car seat without its harness, as a belt positioning booster, the car seat may be used by children 30 to 100 lbs and between 35" and 54" inches tall.