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Prenatal Listener

  • MSRP $29.99
  • Model #1760706
  • Pattern: N/A


  • Hear, record, and e-mail the heartbeat, kicks and sounds of your unborn child as she grows in the womb
  • Improved design hugs the curvature of the belly more effectively and offers better sound quality
  • Amplifies the heartbeat, kicks, hiccups and natural sounds of your baby, beginning late in your 2nd trimester
  • Convenient e-mail feature allows you to share the sweet sounds of baby in the womb with friends and family
  • Includes earbuds for listening to womb sounds, and a special cable for recording them
  • Prenatal experience guide helps you understand the sounds you’re hearing, so you can better connect with your unborn baby
  • Uses one 9 volt battery, not included
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Product Description

Listen, learn and love your unborn baby.


    6.75" x 2.5" x 7.75"

Care and Maintenance

Recommended Use

    For best results, use in your third trimester.


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