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Top Rated Air Treatment

Filter for 4.0 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

  • MSRP $11.99
  • Model #2H032
  • Pattern: N/A


  • 4.0 Gallon Daily Output*: 4.0 Gallon Daily Output* covers 1200 square ft. *Output tested at 75º F and 25% relative humidity.
  • Fast and easy replacement
  • Drops right into place
  • Package contains one filter
  • "Fits – Graco Model 2H02 – TrueAir® model 05521"
  • More Features ...

Product Description

Each easy-to-replace drop-in filter can be changed in about a minute. You can even do it while holding your baby! To prevent baby from breathing potentially irritating bacteria or mold, replace filter when it becomes hard to the touch or shows discoloration.


Care and Maintenance

    Replace filter when it becomes hard to the touch or shows discoloration (caused by mineral deposits or mold/mildew buildup).

Recommended Use

    For use in the Graco® Programmable Cool Mist Humidfier-4.0 Gallon Daily Output*


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