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Duet Oasis™ Swing with Soothe Surround™ Technology

  • MSRP $189.99
  • Model #1967060
  • Pattern: Davis™


  • Sound and movement are matched to soothe baby in a new way
  • 10 separate environments provide options depending on baby's preference
  • Removable rocker with carry handle provides a soothing spot in any room
  • Extra plush fabrics cuddle your newborn to keep them cozy.
  • New, innovative seat shape provides optimal comfort space.
  • Extended canopy with upgraded fabrics
  • Money saving AC plug included
  • 6 swing speeds for baby’s different moods
  • Two soft toys for baby's visual stimulation and play
  • 5-point harness keeps your child secure.
  • More Features ...

Product Description

Nothing is better than Mom, but the new Soothe Surround™ technology comes close by leveraging time-tested, proven methods that parents use to soothe their little ones within our Duet Oasis™ Swing. The Soothe Surround™ Technology is the only swing technology to sync sound and vibration to bring to life time-tested soothing methods. Soothe Surround(TM) leverages old standbys, like the middle of the night car ride, by mimicking the sound and vibration of a moving car to soothe baby from the comfort of your own home! Nine additional pairings mean you can find the right fit for your little one's mood anytime. The extra plush fabrics, innovative seat shape, and extended ratcheting canopy provide the optimal comfort space for baby!


    Weight: 21.78 lbs.
    Overall Height: 43"

    Side to Side: 34"
    Front to Back: 33"

Care and Maintenance

    To clean frame, use only household soap and warm water. No bleach.

    Refer to care tag on seat pad for washing instructions. No bleach.

Recommended Use

    Infants from 5.5-30 lbs


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