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Cool Mist Humidifier - 1.5 Gallon

  • MSRP $39.99
  • Model #2H001
  • Pattern: N/A


  • Compact size is perfect for the nursery
  • Dishwasher safe tank and tray for simple, sanitary weekly cleaning
  • Large capacity tank holds enough water for 24 hours without having to refill
  • Easy fill tank for fast, easy refills
  • Two Settings: 1)High 2)Quiet setting emits soothing white noise to help Baby sleep more peacefully
  • 1.5 Gallon Daily Output* covers 360 square ft. (*Output tested at 75º F and 25% relative humidity)
  • Easy-to-replace drop-in filter
  • TrueAir® Technology helps baby breathe more comfortably
  • More Features ...

Product Description

Help your baby breathe easier with this nursery-sized Cool Mist Humidifier - 1.5 Gallon Daily Output that restores moisture to dry, indoor air. Designed with busy parents in mind, it has convenient features like a dishwasher safe tank and tray to make weekly cleaning a no-brainer. And its easy fill tank makes filling fast and easy. It runs for up to 24 hours per refill, and includes an easy to change drop-in filter. Ideal for the nursery or bedroom, it covers a 360 square ft. area. Our quiet setting helps baby sleep more peacefully and true air technology helps Mom rest easier too, knowing baby can breathe more comfortably.


Care and Maintenance

  • Humidifiers require regular maintenance and cleaning. Refer to instruction manual for full details.
  • Always unplug unit prior to cleaning.
  • Dishwasher-safe tank and tray
  • Wipe the fan enclosure, control panel and cord with a damp cloth or sponge

Recommended Use

    1.5 Gallon Daily Output* covers 360 square ft. *Output tested at 75º F and 25% relative humidity


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