2001 Century® Recall of Multi-Use Strollers

Potential Problem:

The strollers can unexpectedly collapse or the car seat/carrier adapter can unexpectedly detach. When this happens, an infant or young child inside the stroller or an attached car seat/carrier can fall to the ground and suffer serious injuries.

Injuries Reported: 250

Number of Units Affected: 650,000

Dates Produced: Sold between 12/1/1996-3/31/2001

MSRP: $100-200

Models Affected: 11652, 11141FGP, 11141WVS, 11151CAR, 11151CHR, 11151NBD, 11153JLP, 11153WVS, 11156HRP, 11161CAR, 11161CBD, 11161CHR, 11161CRW, 11161KDS, 11161NBD, 11161NTL, 11165AUE, 11165BDN, 11165BTG, 11165CNO, 11165HRP, 11165HRS, 11165LDL, 11165LUM, 11165NHS, 11165NTL, 11165PCF, 11166AUE, 11166BTG, 11166HRS, 11167CAR, 11167CHR, 11167CRW, 11167NHS, 11171BAP, 11171JRF, 11171JUL, 11171PEF, 11171TEP, 11171WIN, 11181BTG, 11181HRP, 11181MYT, 11181NTL, 11191AFF, 11191ARP, 11191AUF, 11191BAY, 11191BQF, 11191BTK, 11191ENC, 11191LDL, 11191MBC, 11191RBB, 11280JLP, 11281ANK, 11281CNO, 11281CRK, 11281MCB, 11281SAI, 11281SGL, 11288CNO, 11288SGL, 11310LST, 11311LST, 11311PTN, 11311SCO, 11312ANK, 11313ANK, 11313BPD, 11313FNB, 11313SWT, 11314CLB, 11314PCB, 11314PCT, 11314WNR, 11315CLB, 11315PCB, 11315PCT, 11315WNR, 11316ABP, 11316NAN, 11316SCO, 11325BAL, 11325NAN, 11330KEN, 11331KEN, 11345CRC, 11345KEN, 11345SDK, 11611FGP, 11611JLP, 11611LST, 11611WVS, 11612JLP, 11612WVS, 11645CAR, 11645CHR, 11646CAR, 11646CHR, 11646CRW, 11646NHS, 11650AUE, 11650BDN, 11650BTG, 11650CNO, 11650HRP, 11650HRS, 11650LDL, 11650LUM, 11650NHS, 11650NTL, 11650PCF, 11658AUE, 11658BTG, 11658HRS, 11920LST, 11920PTN, 11920SCO, 11922LST, 11922PTN, 11922SCO, 11930ANK, 11930FNB, 11930SWT, 11932ANK, 11940CLB, 11940PCB, 11940PCT, 11940WNR, 11941WNR, 11942WNR, 11960ABP, 11960NAN, 11960SCO, 11961ABP, 11961NAN, 11961SCO, 11964KEN, 11968CRC, 11968PTN, 11968SDK, 11969CRC, 11969PTN, 11969SDK, SF1000FGP, SF1000JLP, SF1000WVS, SF1001JLP, SF1001WVS, SF3600LST, SF3601SCO, SF3631, SF3650ANK, SF3650FNB, SF3650SWT, SF3651, SF3700CLB, SF3700PCB, SF3700PCT, SF3700WNR, SF3701PCT, SF3741, SF3800ABP, SF3800NAN, SF3800SCO, SF3900KEN, SF4000CRC, SF4000PTN, SF4000SDK


Consumers should stop using these strollers and call Century toll-free at (800) 837-4044 Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST. Consumers should have their strollers available, as Century will help consumers determine if they have one of the recalled models. Parents should continue to use these carriers as car seats. CPSC and Century remind caregivers to always restrain infants according to the instructions when in the car seat/carrier.