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Glider Rocker by LaJobi Recall – 2012 Announcement

Potential Problem:

The base of the glider rocker may crack or break, which could cause the occupant to fall to the floor.
*Both the Avalon glider rocker and Katelyn glider rocker were designed, manufactured and sold by LaJobi, Inc., a license of Graco.

Injuries Reported: 1 minor injury reported and 28 consumer reports of product breaking

Number of Units Affected: About 33,000 Avalon glider rocker units & 5,600 CNS Box 2 glider rocker units

Dates Produced: The Avalon glider rocker with ottoman was sold from December 2009 to October 2012. The CNS Box 2 was sold from November 2011 to October 2012.

MSRP: Avalon glider rocker with ottoman: approximately $169. Complete Nursery Solution Box 2: approximately $135.

Models Affected: 1062335-065, 1062335-071, 1062381-065, 1062381-071, 1062384-065, 1062384-071, 5827914, 8529752, 9382976, 7822758, 6858104, 8971382


Consumers should immediately stop using the glider rockers, and contact LaJobi, Inc. to receive a free replacement base for the glider rocker.
To order a free repair kit, please contact LaJobi customer service at (888) 266-2848.
CPSC press release is available at
Sample image of products (color and fabric may vary):