Nursery and Care

2004 Bumble Bee Toy Recall

Potential Problem:

The blue antennae on the Bumble Bee toy can break, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Injuries Reported: 5

Number of Units Affected: 398,000

Dates Produced: Sold between 11/8/2001-03/31/2003

MSRP: Part of product, $39-$89. Toy, $5.

Models Affected: 3656CUB, 3658FKB, 3659KER, 3659NGS, 3660WNN, 35605, 4522OTM, 4522TOTM, 4521ALP, 35628, 4512FUN, 548094S


Consumers should discard immediately any Bumble Bee toys with blue antennae in their possession and contact Graco to receive a free replacement toy.