Car Seats

2002 Infant Car Seat Recall

Potential Problem:

A number of SnugRide Infant Car Seats may have missing components on the base or seat. The components are metal hooks and “U” bars that are used to attach the carrier to the base. If the hardware is missing, the carrier may not be securely attached to the base. In the event of a sudden stop or crash, the carrier may detach from the base possibly resulting in serious injury or death.

Injuries Reported: 0

Number of Units Affected: 918,130

Dates Produced: 08/31/1999-02/28/2002

MSRP: $25-90

Models Affected: 841101, 841102, 841103, 841203, 7493G9, 7493RS, 7497HL, 7497SY, 7499LK, 7499N2, 8412T02, 8457D5, 8457DVB, 8457F3, 8457GP, 8457IND, 8457MA, 8457MV, 8457RG, 8457TMJ, 8457TMP, 8457YL, 8458A5, 8458AE, 8458B7, 8458D8, 8458FKB, 8458HE, 8458HH, 8458KY, 8458N5, 8459VL, 8460LV, 8462HAV, 8462JAM, 8471UVB, 8472BLW, 8472BRN, 8472CYP, 8472GMP, 8472MAD, 8472YL, 8474HAB, 8474MEL, 8476VIN, 8477HAV, 8477JAM, 8477NGS, 8478SAR, A7493G9, A7493RS, A7497HL, A7497SY, A7499LK, A7499N2, A841101, A841102, A841103, A841203, A8412T02, A8457D5, A8457DVB, A8457F3, A8457GP, A8457IND, A8457MA, A8457MV, A8457RG, A8457TMJ, A8457TMP, A8457YL, A8458A5, A8458AE, A8458B7, A8458D8, A8458FKB, A8458HE, A8458HH, A8458KY, A8458N5, A8459VL, A8460LV, A8462HAV, A8462JAM, A8471UVB, A8472BLW, A8472BRN, A8472CYP, A8472GMP, A8472MAD, A8472YL, A8474HAB, A8474MEL, A8476VIN, A8477HAV, A8477JAM, A8477NGS, A8478SAR


Consumers with Graco infant car seats manufactured in the USA between August 31, 1999 and February 28, 2002 should download the instruction sheet or contact Graco at 1-800-345-4109 to determine if their unit is affected.

Please continue to use your car seat, without the base.