Car Seats

2001 Century® Car Seat Recall

Potential Problem:

The harness adjustment locking mechanism on the affected restraint system models may allow the harness webbing to slip through the device during a serious motor vehicle collision when the convertible restraint system is in the forward facing mode. The child may not be properly restrained, possibly resulting in serious injury or death.

Injuries Reported: 0

Number of Units Affected: 6,509

Dates Produced: 04/09/2001-05/10/2001

MSRP: $60-140

Models Affected: 44612GTN, 44622LTG, 44630LTH, 44631PFN, 44662WSC, 44709MTE, 44709SVR, 45100CHT, 45100MTE, 45100STH, 45200LFT, 45200MXM, 45600JTI, 45600MTE, 45600MTO, 45600MXM, 45600SAF, 45700GSD, 45700LFT, 4662WSC01


Consumers with Century car seats manufactured between April 9, 2001 and May 10, 2001 should contact Century at 1-800-837-4044 regarding the arrangements to replace the car seat. Consumers should have the model name, model number and date of manufacture of the car seat when making the call to the company. The information is located on the label adhered to the car seat.