Car Seats

2000 Century® Infant Car Seat/Carrier Recall

Potential Problem:

When the seat is used as an infant carrier, the handle can break. An infant inside the carrier can fall to the ground and suffer serious injuries.

Injuries Reported: 200

Number of Units Affected: 4,000,000

Dates Produced: 01/01/1991-07/31/1997

MSRP: $40-130

Models Affected: 4564, 4575, 4589, 4591, 4593, 4595, 4597, 11-564CBB, 11-564NFR, 11-565HTH, 11-570CBB, 11-570KEF, 11-570KNY, 11-570NFR, 11-570PCF, 11-570SEF, 11-570SZF, 11-575HTH, 11-575NCM, 11-575NTF, 11-575OCA, 11-575SBS, 11-576NCM, 11-576OCA, 11-578KNY, 11-595SEF, 11-597CBB, 11-597CUF, 11-597JUF, 11-597KEF, 11-597KNY, 11-597MBF, 11-597SEF, 11-597SZF, 11-598, 11-599, 11-600AUF, 11-600LIF, 11-600MBC, 11-600PRC, 12-565AFF, 12-565APF, 12-565KEF, 12-565LDF, 12-565MBC, 12-565PCF, 12-565WAT, 4513PRH, 4515CEJ, 4515KEF, 4515MBC, 4515NCM, 4516NCM, 4516NTL, 4516RVN, 4516SBS, 4516ZOO, 4518BHV, 4518FOF, 4518PRH, 4551ELE, 4551FGP, 4551MLB, 4551NCB, 4551NTB, 4551RPL, 4551SBS, 4551TRS, 4557CAN, 4557COM, 4557KYF, 4557STE, 4557TTT, 4558AUF, 4558BKF, 4558BLF, 4558CAN, 4558FOF, 4558GFF, 4558JUF, 4558STE, 4558ZFF, 4559AUF, 4559BKF, 4559BLF, 4559CAN, 4559CBB, 4559COM, 4559FOF, 4559JUF, 4559KYF, 4559LIF, 4559NFR, 4559NNT, 4559OCA, 4559RGD, 4559SRF, 4559STE, 4559TTT, 4559TYL, 4559VBF, 4565CBB, 4565CHV, 4565NFR, 4565SDL, 4566FOF, 4566NZF, 4566TZZ, 4568ZFF, 4569CAN, 4569CBB, 4569CJF, 4569GSF, 4569KNY, 4569OOF, 4569SRF, 4569VBF, 4576GFF, 4576KEF, 4576KYF, 4594GDF


Century will provide consumers a free easy-to-install replacement handle. Consumers should not carry the seat by the handle until it has been replaced. Consumers can continue to use the product as a car seat. CPSC, NHTSA and Century remind parents and caregivers to always restrain infants according to instructions when in the car seat/carrier. Always be sure the handle is locked in the carry position before picking up the carrier.

To receive the free replacement handle, call Century toll free at 1-800-837-4044 Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST. Consumers should have the car seat/carrier in front of them when they call.