Packing the diaper bag means always being ready to go

You know in your heart it’s great for baby to get out of the house but sometimes it seems like packing up the baby and his 18 million essentials turns a quick trip into a daunting task. Great news: It can actually be pretty easy.

Some moms tape a checklist to their doors or stick one in the diaper bag. But an even simpler trick is to keep the diaper bag packed. That way you’re always ready to head out for a playdate or a coffee run, even at a moment’s notice.

This quick list of diaper bag must-haves will keep you ready and able to explore:

  • Diapers. Of course. One for every hour you plan to be out, then a couple more for good measure.
  • Wipes in a travel size pack
  • Disposable wet bags for diapers or soiled clothes
  • A changing pad, which may come with the diaper bag
  • Diaper rash cream
  • A change of clothes, including socks
  • A receiving blanket for extra warmth, to provide shade, or serve as a blanket on the grass
  • Burp cloth or spare cloth diaper for unexpected messes
  • A hat with a brim if it’s sunny out, plus sunblock when baby is 6 months+
  • A ready-made bottle or nursing blanket
  • A bib and baby food, milk, or formula
  • Favorite toys and teethers
  • An extra pacifier or two if your baby uses one
  • A small sports bottle of water

Put all these items in your bag and you’ll realize it’s not that much at all!

When you get back home, get in the routine of replenishing the diaper supply, swapping out used burp clothes or blankets for clean ones, and refilling that water bottle.

Also, know that as your baby grows and changes, so will the items you pack— perhaps you’ll swap out the diaper cream for board books, or pack fewer diapers and more snacks and toys. It’s all a matter of trial and error and simply getting to know your baby. And since no one will know him better than you, you’re bound to become his best possible exploration advocate and diaper bag packer in the world.

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