Tips for Fun Time with Baby



  • Swimming is a great release when you are pregnant, but avoid relaxing in a hot tub, which can lead to overheating. If a swim isn't an option, try a nice cool shower to feel refreshed.
  • Don't wear heavy or dark clothing. There are plenty of attractive yet practical maternity clothes in lightweight fabrics. Try natural fabrics that breathe, such as cotton.
  • Your body may swell during pregnancy. Sometimes it appears to happen overnight, and the summer heat won't help the situation. Remove all rings early in your pregnancy. You don't want to risk having them stuck on your fingers and become uncomfortably constricting. I experienced this kind of swelling and had to cut my wedding rings off! Remember, you should notify your doctor about any swelling.
  • If you are pregnant in July, you are probably wishing winter would return. It's hard to get or keep cool, but you must keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water and always have extra supplies of bottled water with you.


  • Bring along an extra sheet that is made for your playard. If you are traveling to a hotel that provides a playard, you should always make sure to use a sheet that is made for that playard. Never use adult sheets, crib sheets or anything other than the correct playard sheet, which must fit snug and secure so that pulling on a corner can't dislodge it.
  • If you are going to a beach or another open space, figure out where your baby can safely play and nap so you limit her exposure to the sun. In the hot weather a blanket can cause her to become overheated, so you need to plan for a beach umbrella or another device that offers shade. Bring a hat for the brief time she will be in the ocean, pool or in the sun.


  • Even if you are in an area that has a lot of shade, always cover your child with sunscreen and dress him in protective clothing.
  • Forget about buying expensive pool toys. Go to your bathroom for some floating bath toys. That rubber duck makes a fun pool toy and your little one will get a kick out of taking his bath toys out of the house and using them in a whole new way. These are also easy to stick in your travel bag for the pool at a resort or your local swim club.
  • Consider putting a playhouse in your backyard. Be sure that your child knows never to climb on top of the house. Also check the playhouse for beehives-bees might think this lovely house is just right for them to move into.